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Marriage Landmines you must avoid

Marriage landmines you must avoid

Marriage Landmines You Must Avoid is dubed you marriage first aid tools kit. A product of over thirty four years in marriage counseling and more than thirty two years of marrying the same lady. This is your indispensable marriage "First Read More →

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My Mind Lord

my Mind Lord Dr Ephraim John Udofia Finally, we have a book that deals with practical realities of our everyday thoughts and actions. All that a person is and will become is predicated upon what goes on in that individual’s mind or brain. What we plant in the Read More →
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When Satan Peeps Into Your Future

when satan peeps into your future

When Satan Peeps into your future is a masterpiece that, if applied, will be a life-changing experience for those who, when blessed of God. face renewed efforts by Satan to destroy them. This book will give you the needful Read More →

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The Mistakes of Debt

mistakesofdebt The Mistakes of Debt is part one of two series book that helps the christian understand and safeguard themselves from the deceptiveness of debt. In it, you'll understand the truth about debt , debt and lifestyle, debt by circumstances, Read More →
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Ten Commandments of Financial Discipline And Wealth Building

Ten Commandments of Financial Discipline and Wealth Building

Forward by Dr, Edward c. Roberts, Calvary Christian Church, Charlotte, North Carolina. "As the author indicates, financial discipline is a necessity, rejecting the peripheral temptations to invest and manage monies unwisely and neglecting one's relation and obedience to God" Read More →

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My friend, Dr Ephraim Udofia, has again gone"...bodly unto the throne of grace...(Hebrews 4:16), and has been favored by God to receive enlightenment to pen great help for all who are marred..

- Suffragon Bishop Maxie Dobson

If you want to grow a Godly family, maintain a healthy marriage, and accomplish God's purpose in your life, this is a must read book for you.

- Pastor Anietie Affiah

Our families are in trouble because our marriages are failing. As a pastor, I am glad that God has raised up a man of God to write such a powerful book that I believe is the solution that can and will turn our marriages around.

- Pastor Ronald W. Sharpe

“My Mind, Lord!” is an excellent book by Dr. Ephraim J. Udofia, to reaffirm God’s purpose for man when He becomes Lord of your mind.

- Bishop Edward C. Roberts, D.D., Pastor

Dr. Udofia’s use of the literary aspects of plot, prose, symbols, themes, characters, poetry, quotes, personal testimonies, and more importantly, the Word of God, has produced an inspired book that, I opine, will have immediate results when applied to your life.

- Bishop Edward C. Roberts, D.D., Pastor