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What Is Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is the fight of faith engaged by Christians against super mundane entities in the spirit realm. This may sound like a coded language that is why many people ask, what’s spiritual warfare? Too many Christians have no knowledge Read More →

The Power Of restoration

The Power Of Restoration     The idea of restoration arises because something has affected, damaged the original nature, condition and value of a thing or person. The power of restoration is demonstrated in God’s transformation work in redeeming human persons to their former Read More →

Stand Your Ground-Success Principle

success principle Success always lives clues if you search carefully for it. One such clue is to stand your ground in your life’s goals, beliefs or pursuits. If God means everything he says and stands ready to perform his promises to us, Read More →

Gaining Spiritual Insights Part 2

gaining spiritual insights part 2 The discovery of the importance of having spiritual insights positions us for spiritual development and growth. Let’s explore the sources of gaining spiritual insights; understanding the necessity of this in the body of Christ. To be an effective, relevant Christian Read More →

Distraction-The Hindrance To Progress

distraction-the hindrance to progress Living life without focus and commitment is like trying to fly without wings. If your purpose is sure and your direction is certain, then you can dictate distractions. The scripture says, “….and that ye may attend upon the Lord without Read More →

What Is Courage-Does It Matter?

What is courage? Does Courage Exist? The confidence, the boldness and ability to prevail over a situation despite seeming difficulties can be looked at as courage. New illustrated Webster’s dictionary describes it as, that quality of being fearless. The effect of courage can be seen in Read More →


My friend, Dr Ephraim Udofia, has again gone"...bodly unto the throne of grace...(Hebrews 4:16), and has been favored by God to receive enlightenment to pen great help for all who are marred..

- Suffragon Bishop Maxie Dobson

If you want to grow a Godly family, maintain a healthy marriage, and accomplish God's purpose in your life, this is a must read book for you.

- Pastor Anietie Affiah

Our families are in trouble because our marriages are failing. As a pastor, I am glad that God has raised up a man of God to write such a powerful book that I believe is the solution that can and will turn our marriages around.

- Pastor Ronald W. Sharpe

“My Mind, Lord!” is an excellent book by Dr. Ephraim J. Udofia, to reaffirm God’s purpose for man when He becomes Lord of your mind.

- Bishop Edward C. Roberts, D.D., Pastor

Dr. Udofia’s use of the literary aspects of plot, prose, symbols, themes, characters, poetry, quotes, personal testimonies, and more importantly, the Word of God, has produced an inspired book that, I opine, will have immediate results when applied to your life.

- Bishop Edward C. Roberts, D.D., Pastor